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SENT: Dec 2 2006 12:00AM
SUBJECT: LG Responds to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's Open Letter

An open letter from 
LG's Code-Bitch-In-Chief :
Liquid Generation 

O almighty Double-you 
I pray that you bestow 
Your blessed grace and mercy 
On Persians down below. 

to the Persian Empire: 

Our nations have been drifting 
Apart in a sea of hates. 
You think itís Divine Providence 
And we tectonic plates. 

You blame us for our flexing 
In the Middle East 
The muscles of our power 
A truly Sexy Beast. 

But wherefore shall we flex them? 
Our targets ever fewer. 
We canít take every holy book 
And flush it down the sewer. 


We know that it is tempting For Mohammedís franchisees To look past their true oppression And blame the Zionese. You say that you want justice For the people of Iraq. We would like to tell you Where to stuff your sock. The war of nineteen-eighties. The Holocaustís a myth. And why the sudden outbursts When youíve always plead the fifth? We may have had elections And passed on the baton. We still crusade to castrate A nuke-yoo-lar Iran So thank you for your wisdom Your divine inspired prose. But have you not considered That weíre who Allah chose? We know Mohammed teaches. We know that Jesus Saves. We relish in the freedom To speak of them as knaves. So weíll just keep on going. Weíll work and pay our taxes. And joke about the letter From our favorite evil axis. Love & Peace be upon you LG Mealschpeal; http://www.mealschpeal.com Mailroom